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About Us:

camp2pitchers is a recent project founded for people who’re looking for rejuvenation in the lap of nature with their loved ones. We are offering most competitive prices and professional quality services without compromising on quality at any time.

Our company has a team of fully professional staff to serve our esteemed clients they not only think to provide best service but also make your wish come true .


The place is located near Dehradun surrounded by lush green trees, beautiful hills and a river nearby. A 700m hike from a safe car parking in the woods allows our visitors to experience a kick start to their wonderful natural retreat.

Our unique strength is to add unique experiences of India, value for money, local expertise and totally personalized services. All these four ingredients make Indian experience, complete and memorable!!

~You’d also wanna know;

1. The place has no network connectivity, which allows you to connect with the nature without any external disruption.
2. The location offers you some scenic views, colourful decor with the flowers, some mesmerising beautiful species of birds and a natural pool and jacuzzi in the river nearby.
3. The campsite also promotes organic farming offering you some handpicked fresh food items from the farm.
4. “Entertainment and cinema always go hand in hand”. A movie night with a little bonfire is something we believe can be a cherry on top.

We always aim for a perfect match between your requirement & the delivery that we do. We believe in providing our traveller an exotic experience which they will cherish for the rest of their life.

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