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The essence of nature cannot be expressed. It can only be experienced by living in the midst of nature and in the way nature intended.

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camp2pitchers is now all set with greatest selection of  tour packages to make your journey pleasant. Fellow travellers out there, in case you’re wanting to disappear from the hustle and bustle of the cities, we at Camp2Pitchers are at your service.

Camp2Pitchers is a recent project founded for people who’re looking for rejuvenation in the lap of nature with their loved ones..

You’d also wanna know

1. The place has no network connectivity, which allows you to connect with the nature without any external disruption.
2. The location offers you some scenic views, colourful decor with the flowers, some mesmerising beautiful species of birds and a natural pool and jacuzzi in the river nearby.
3. The campsite also promotes organic farming offering you some handpicked fresh food items from the farm.
4. “Entertainment and cinema always go hand in hand”. A movie night with a little bonfire is something we believe can be a cherry on top.



Client Reviews..

  • The tour was really well organized and your response was timely. It was really comfortable talking to you, your timely response was fantastic and the facilities was provided as suggested. My wife and I just got back from a one week vacation from Camp2Pitchers. If I am to describe this vacation in one word it has to be: splendid! We had a great time. We enjoyed the sight-seeing, we savored the delicious Indian cuisine and we met new people; locals and from around the world! We want to deeply thank Camp2Pitchers for making this trip one of the best we ever had. The program they prepared for us was not crowded and exhausting. We enjoyed seeing as much as we can while also finding time to relax. Never realized that it was so GREEN & mountainous. Would really like to recommend your services to others.
    Rajvardhan Singh
  • Everything was absolutely amazing and all of the details were just perfect. You made the entire trip just effortless! The best trip i've ever had.
    Rajeev Ranjan Singh
  • We went for the Camp trip. We were a little hesitant to book the tour but through out the tour we felt very secure and comfortable we enjoyed every bit of it including food, stay, transport with a well disciplined driver; it was really a memorable and enjoyable tour.
    Sangita Singh

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.

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