Chardham Yatra Travel Tips 2016

  • – While Inquire about the directions talk to shopkeepers, not any pedestrians. Make Sure with at least two or more persons.
  • – You may suffer with throat sore due to change in place, food and climatic conditions. Do splash with war water with nip of salt to avoid enrichment of infection. Carry Some throat calming pills with you.
  • – For Meals something that is boiled, fried or cooked food is much saffer than something cold or raw. So Please avoid bitter salad, drinks, raw vegetables & ice etc.
  • – Take a Bunch of medical stuff with cough pastille, pain killers, antibiotics, and pills for fever and cold.
  • – A small torch is necessary apparatus as light can go off at any time.
  • – If you want to carry Handy cam / Digital Camera, the carry additional pair of battery with you, as there is no assurance that the electricity is on at each place for charging your equipment
  • – Do not take pics if cameras are not permitted in any particular area. Do not have fun with the sentiments of any particular religion.
  • – Always carry a pair of woolen clothing as there is too much cold as all the temples are located at a very high elevation / altitude.
  • – Always take personal lavatory items that are very helpful during the breaks in long journey of Chardham Yatra Travel.
  • – Make sure that you are physically and mentally healthy to complete Chardham Yatra Travel as the Yatra involve trek at an height of 1,4000ft. It also involves trek of Yamunotri ji about 5-8 KM and Shri Kedarnath ji 14 KM one way. Please take Oxygen Cylinder while Chardham Yatra Travel.
  • – It is advisable to begins the introductory exercises at least month before of Yatra starts. It would be beneficial to brisk walk of about 4 – 5 kms per day.
  • – Don’t wqalk far way from dolies & ponies haulage baggage. Hire only Registered Porters or Ponywalla.
  • – Carry dry eatable stocks with you viz, biscuits, Sugar, Candies, Chocolates, milk powder, assorted dry fruits, honey, lemons and tinned foods and other items suiting your palates. Water bottle, spoons, tumblers, saucers and plates may also be carried. Don’t throw wrappers of chocolates etc. on road or in the forest trek during journey, better to use dustbins if possible otherwise keet it in your pocket and throw when you find dustbin.
  • – Take enough currency to pay for your special expenses
  • – Alcohol is exactingly banned
  • – Don’t overload on steep slope.
  • – Don’t rest at place where caution sighs are set.
  • – Don’t break traffic regulation.
  • – Keep away from carrying important Jewellery while Chardham Yatra Travel.
  • – Don’t endeavor to clean hands/ clothes/ take a bath in the rivers on the way while Chardham Yatra Travel.
  • – While Driving in uphills AC is not Permitable or Required. Any Other Expenditure Payable due to any Natural Calamities like Change of hotel and vehicle will be beared by traveler or client.

    Chardham Yatra Travel Tips while traveling in Rainy Season :

  • – Take a Pack of empty synthetic bag to divide dirty and wet clothing from the rest
  • – Keep your feet dry and clean, to prevent from the fungal and parasitic infection. Do not go away barefoot
  • – Make sure that your baggage is waterproof
  • – Always take an umbrella and a raincoat during Chardham Yatra Travel